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Welcome To Brickell 777 Experience our great service and top quality products.

Welcome to CB - Brickell 777 Salon & Spa

Brickell 777 Salon & Spa in Miami offers a full range of professional hair and beauty services. Our staff is dedicated to providing our clients with the best hair care and styling services. All of the stylists in our salon have received some of the best training in the world and have studied at schools in France, Italy, and the United States. We provide a variety of hair care services for men and women as well as a full range of spa treatments all designed to help you look and feel your best. 

The Experience

When you call for an appointment with one of our stylists, a member of our highly trained staff will help decide which services will best suit your individual needs and beauty goals. Whether you require a simple hair cut, trim or more in-depth services such as hair color treatments, we can help you find a convenient appointment for the required amount of time.

At the beginning of every appointment, our stylists inquire about several factors that will affect the styling and treatment process for your hair. In order to make an informed decision about everything from the shampoo we will use to wash your hair, to the style we will give you, we need to make sure that we provide you with the right products and hair style to suit your lifestyle. Once you take the time to consider the type and texture of your hair as well as your career, personality, wardrobe, and facial shape, you can really decide on the best style for you. You need to choose the right style and cut that you will have time to care for on an everyday basis. We can help you decide on a trendsetting style that you will have the time and ability to maintain every day. Certain styles take more time each day to maintain, so those clients with busy schedules and lifestyles might benefit from low maintenance hairstyles. We can help you reach the best decision regarding the care for your hair with our expert advice, while ultimately leaving all final style decision up to you. It is our goal to ensure that each time you leave our salon you are happy with all treatments and services you received. We are dedicated to providing you with the finest professional salon services as well as the information you need to maintain your look at care for your hair between salon visits.

Hair Care Products

In order to best care for your hair on a regular basis, you need to use salon quality hair products at home. The products we use at the salon have been specially selected to gently cleanse and style your hair so that it stays healthy and achieves maximum styling potential. We know that everyone wants to try to recreate salon looks when they get home, so we can help you select the products that will best help you achieve your styling goals. Choosing the right product is not just about buying the most expensive options; you need to make sure that you only use the products that are suitable for your hair type. Our stylists can help you choose the best products for you so that you never worry about risking the health of your hair and scalp with store brands again.